General FAQ

  • What can I expect when I visit? +

    Here at Pickering Pentecostal Church, we make every effort to be a friendly church. We trust that you’ll be met with a smile and warm hello, whether by our greeters, ushers or regular worshippers.
  • How long are your Sunday services? +

    Our Sunday services are approximately an hour and a half.
  • Is there a dress code? +

    No. We desire to reflect Jesus, who said, "come as you are". People attend in every style of clothing, from more formal attire to completely casual.
  • What am I expected to put in the offering? +

    If you’re a visitor to our church then we simply want you to be our guest. While we believe giving money to the church’s work is an important way we worship God, our regular worshippers are responsible to meet the financial needs of the church. We don’t pressure people to give.
  • Will I know any of the songs? +

    During our Sunday morning worship services we use a variety of different music. Whether it’s contemporary worship songs, traditional hymns, special soloists or instrumentalists, we try our very best to help everyone feel included in our music.
  • Where are you located? +

    1920 Bayly Street, Pickering across from the Pickering Markets
  • Service times? +

    9am-10:45 & 11am-12:45pm
  • Do you have a Sunday evening service? +

    No -- we encourage you to join a small group and/or spend time connecting with family and friends.
  • Do you have anything for kids and youth? +

    Yes we have vibrant Children’s and Youth Ministries

    Our kids programs are as follows:

    SUNDAYS at 9am & 11am services
    Nursery – Ages 0 - 36 months
    Pre-school – Ages 3 – 5 years
    Sunday School – Grades 1 – 6

    WEDNESDAYS – from 7:00 – 8:30pm
    Wee College – Ages 4-5
    Boys & Girls (BG) Club – Grades 1-6

    SUNDAYS at 9am & 11am services
    Junior High – Grades 7-9
    WEDNESDAYS – from 7:00 – 8:30pm
    Youth Group for grades 7 – 12

  • Do you have a bus ministry? +

    No. Sorry we don't.
  • Do you have mid-week studies at the church? +

    No - we encourage care, study and community through small groups which can meet at any time, any night of the week. Please contact hshanks@ppclife.ca for more info.
  • Do you rent out your facility? +

    Yes – for more info please contact us at bookings@ppclife.ca
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Small Group FAQ

  • What is a Small Group? +

    A Small Group is a group of people who get together each week at various locations.
  • How many people are in a Small Group? +

    A Small Group is a group of usually 3-10 people however, sports groups may be more.
  • How often do they meet? For how long do they meet? +

    Groups usually meet one day per week for approximately 1 1/2 hrs.
  • What can I expect when I go to a Small Group? +

    Small groups are friendly places, in a group you will hang out, study the Word and pray together.
  • How do I join a small group? +

    Joining a small group is as easy as 1-2-3

    1. Call the church office at 905-428-6888 and let them know you would like to join a Small Group, a team member would be happy to assist you.
    2. Visit our website at www.ppclife.ca and click on the menu item Connect then clk Small Groups or just clk here.
    3. Email Hazel here.
  • Do small groups run all year or are they only for a few weeks at a time? +

    We offer various types of groups and the length of their duration is equally as varied. For example, we have support groups and groups which are for people in different seasons in their lives, topical study groups who study a particular book or subject and groups for people who share a common interest or hobby.
  • I don't work in Durham and by the time I get home in the evenings I am too tired to go to a small group, is there anything for me? +

    Please contact us about a workplace small group, or become part of one of our weekend groups.
  • How do I know which group is right for me? +

    Because small groups are highly relational, it is important that you find a group where you "fit right in." We encourage you to visit a group or two before deciding which one to become a part of.
  • I am a new christian, which group should I join? +

    We recommend starting with Alpha or what we term Christianity 101. Alpha is a course we hold for anyone new to the faith or for those exploring Christianity. Bring your questions and come meet other new Christians in a fun relaxing environment.
  • Can anyone attend a small group? +

    Absolutely! We have small groups for almost everyone, so no matter what age or stage of life you’re in please contact us and let us help you find a group.
  • Is childcare provided at small group? +

    Generally, childcare is not provided in small groups as facilities are not available in most homes.
  • When do small groups start/finish? +

    Small groups start in September after Kick Off Sunday about the third week, and continue until end of June. Since summer time for families is difficult to schedule and school is out we take the summer off too for our small groups.
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Still have questions?

Our pastoral and administrative staff at Pickering Pentecostal Church are more than willing to help you with any questions or inquiries you might have.
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