Who We Are

We are affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC.org)

Our Mission

To make disciples who, in turn, will make other disciples. - Matthew 28:19a.

Our Vision

To be a Christ-directed church, prayerfully working together to produce a healthy, growing and loving body of believers. - Ephesians 4:15-16


We believe small groups are the best way to care for you and your needs, and build meaningful relationships with others at PPC. In this environment you can grow spiritually, and discover and use your gifts to their fullest potential.


  • We Value God: His Word, and His Creation, His redemptive purpose in Christ for the world, and His presence through the Holy Spirit.
  • We value people who have not accepted Christ to whom we owe them the compassion of Christ and an opportunity to receive the gospel and enter into Christian fellowship.
  • We value individual believers and their personal commitment to Christ, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, discipleship, Christian family life, and fulfillment of the will of God.
  • We value local churches worldwide which are marked by sound doctrine, Pentecostal worship, every-member ministry, loving relationships, Holy Spirit-empowered evangelism, anointed proclamation and practical expression of Christian faith.
  • We value a cooperative fellowship that enhances the church's ability to fulfill its mandate, through servant leadership, a shared vision, flexible structures, and strategic mobilization of its resources.



  • We believe that the Bible is authoritative, credible and ultimately a trustworthy book. It is unique in the sense that we believe that the human authors were guided by the Holy Spirit and the words found in its pages are God-breathed and are the “Word of God”.
  • The Bible acts in many ways like ‘true north’ as we seek to orient our lives, in this turbulent world of constant change and multiplicity of options. For both the follower of Jesus and the seeker of ultimate reality, the Bible is a book that will help add strength to your soul and clarity for the journey. Reading the Bible with an open heart and a sincere faith will lead you to encounter God.
  • If you are not a convinced believer, the Bible is a great place to start your search and Pickering Pentecostal Church, our Church, is a great place to assist you.

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