Adult Small Groups

Women groups:

Our vision at PPC is for women to be drawn closer to God and each other, we seek to provide times for women to connect and learn from one another as we grow in Christ. Our main way of fulfilling this mandate is through small groups. 
We also gather as the women of PPC several times a year for other ministry activities such as:
Women’s Annual Retreat in May... Christmas Gala in November
Interested in women’s groups?  Click here  for a list of available women’s small groups


Men groups:

We exist to support and encourage men to become the leaders of their families and fulfil God’s purpose for their lives.
We want to walk with you as you celebrate, mourn, praise, grieve, learn and pray. 
To gather as brothers in Christ, and give everything to the One who is ultimately in control - our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. 

Our ministry activities include:

●   Saturday Men’s Fellowship                   ●  Soul Care for Men
●    Men’s Small Group                                   ●   Men’s Annual Retreat
●    Iron Sharpening Iron Mentorship       ●   Men’s Short Term Trip

Co-ed groups:

Co-ed groups consist of adult men and women. One of the main benefits of being part of a co-ed group is getting a different perspective from members of the opposite sex. To see a list of available co-ed small groups, click here.




Married couples groups:

What makes good marriages better or strengthen marriages that are on rocky ground? Studying the word of God together is one aspect of spiritual intimacy that can have an amazing impact on a couple’s sense of togetherness.  Join with other married couples in a small group setting to encourage, laugh, share, support and do life together.

Andy Stanley says “Falling in love is easy, but staying there – that’s something else entirely.”  Its always a good idea to take the time to work on your marriage.

Interested in married couples groups, please click here.