Intercessors Prayer Meeting

prayerThis meeting meets in the board room from 8:30-10:30 pm on Friday nights. This is another opportunity for anyone who would like to uphold the ministries and staff of PPC to attend. A part of this evening is set apart for a mini study on the topic of intercessory prayer.







First Steps Prayer

4i i min 500x333The emphasis in this prayer meeting is to teach, encourage, develop and release new and developing Christians to be feel comfortable in praying audibly in corporate prayer settings.In this meeting we emphasis the fact that prayer begins with recognizing who God is. And, while prayer should come to us as easily as breathing, many find it challenging to pray, and especially to pray daily.

Prayer is many things, but first and foremost, it must become a habit we are intentional in cultivating. Like all good habits we try to develop, having a rewarding prayer life takes practice, patience and perseverance. Through the finished work on the Cross, God has made a way for us to pray to Him constantly because He knows that continuous prayer is the only way we can have deep and intimate communion with Him. When we talk, He listens and answers. When He talks, through the Word, we must learn to listen and answer also. Among the benefits that prayer brings to us are, joy, comfort, peace, serenity, freedom from stress and worry. It helps us to build faith, confidence, and boldness. We find ourselves becoming patient, forgiving and understanding, and we begin to like and appreciate the new and improved person God is shaping us to be.

This course is for everyone who wants to enhance their prayer life, and for new Christians who want to develop their prayer life. Participants are encouraged to develop their own prayer style while encompassing all of the essential elements of prayer.

Priority Prayer

3h iii min 500x333Approximately once a month this special meeting is held on a Friday and is for everyone to attend. It runs from 8 - 10 pm and includes a half an hour of singing worship followed by prayer for various aspects of the church and the world.  We also provide the opportunity for you to come forward and be prayed for.

The next Priority Prayer night is  Friday, March 2 @ 7:30pm with an emphasis on Family Prayer.






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