Churches run on volunteers!

 Sunday mornings are busy here at PPC - it takes a committed team to serve our church community.  From Parking Lot attendants who move you through the grounds, to the servers brewing coffee at our Connect Café,  we want to make your first visit memorable, as well as provide you with opportunities to serve should you find PPC the place you want to worship at.

hospitality1Welcome Desk - The Hub

Who doesn’t have questions?  If you enjoy helping people get answers and get connected to the right information, the Welcome Desk ministry is for you. 


Walking into a new church for the first time can be intimidating.  As a Greeter, you could be the friendly face that offers a warm handshake or hug to someone looking to make a connection at PPC.


Ever wonder why things run like clockwork on a Sunday morning,  from serving communion to collecting offering? Our Ushering Teams are the ones who help create an environment where everyone can participate without distraction.  We are always looking for people who thrive on assisting those to get the most out of their worship experience.

Parking Lot Ministry

We intentionally engage with everyone that comes to PPC; being at the front, gives us the opportunity to not only to give directives to drivers, but also to answer any questions to our guests and visitors alike about the church. Also, assisting everyone from parents with children, the physically challenged who may require special assistance. In fact, prior to serve on the parking lot, our team-attendants convene in our express shall group for devotion. Where we encourage everyone to share our needs, to pray for each other; and most importantly, to prepare our hearts to worship our Lord in service.

Connect Café - Coffee Ministry

The smell of coffee in the morning is awesome!  Connecting with old and new friends between services is even more awesome! Be among the most popular people at PPC as you join the “Brew Crew” at Connect Café!


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